Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Left-Hand Story -- ''CONGENITAL''


---I don't know why I thought everyone would know this, but come to find out, very few do. It is about my left-hand. No matter what you may have thought or may have heard- these are the facts. I Was Born, Missing Four Fingers On My Left-Hand. Where self-acceptance has taken me, is another story.
---I hitched across the US in the early '80's. There is not a big story to tell. I stopped in California, because I couldn't hitchhike to Hawaii. I started out in Massachusetts and was trying to get as far away from there as possible. It was nothing illegal or anything like that, just a personal journey that seemed right at the time.
---Massachusetts represented an unreal situation for me as I felt patronized by everyone I knew and everything I did. I was trying to free myself from my past and the attitudes I was holding on to, but I was more like the ''Leopard who was trying to change his own spots.'' I needed some space. I felt like I had painted myself into a corner. I spent the first 29 years there, did a lot of my living there, but it was time for a change.
---Getting back to the hand story. People have asked me how is it that I know the kind of things that I know? Here's the way I see it; We all have something we are saddled with - something about ourself we would rather not have. We spend a lot of time, trying to deal with this thing we would rather not have. We learn certain lessons as we relate to this thing. Eventually, we kind of get it- and we see that everyone else has their thing that they're dealing with. We see the part that ''Knowing Thyself'' and ''Self-Acceptance'' plays, and how important they are.

.---This is one of the things that I learned- The Healing is NOT in growing my fingers, but in the ATTITUDE of ACCEPTANCE I have about my hand - It really just IS what it IS. It took a long time for me to know this. No matter what it is that bothers us, if we work toward ''accepting'' it, we are that much closer to a healing. If we resist accepting it, it persists as a ''problem.'' What we resist, persists.
---With myself, it was very obvious that my thing was my left-hand. On most others, it is not so obvious, to me, anyway. The situation is that, with a little bit of digging, you can find within yourself what it is you are saddled with. As I said earlier, we ALL have something we would rather not have. What Can Seem To Be Our Greatest ''Curse,'' Is Really Our Greatest ''Blessing.'' '
---Acceptance is the key. One thing to remember is that it is the same as facing any fear at all - it is more frightening ''thinking'' about facing it, than actually facing it. Leaving Massachusetts, probably, had a lot to do with being so stuck in the ''thinking about facing it'' stage and all the fear that went along with it. Facing it turned a lot of negative energy, positive. Be Well.
(The Picture Above Was Taken In 1951. As You Can See, I Had It ALL My Life.)
(From Book)
(I Can Relate To The Woman in Heading Above. The Lies Were My Own Untruths, To Myself)

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